We The People Liberty Patriot Precision Golf Putter

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Color: Black

The We The People Liberty Patriot Custom Precision Golf Putter by Bite Hard Golf, a collaborative masterpiece with Conner James Golf. This isn't just a putter; it's a fusion of precision engineering and patriotic spirit, proudly made in the USA.

Precision in Every Stroke:

  • Meticulously CNC milled from premium 303 stainless steel for enduring durability and top-tier performance.
  • Exclusive hand-painted finish, ensuring each putter is a unique work of art on the green.

🎯 Crafted for Excellence:

  • Equipped with a 35" electroplated shaft, offering impeccable control and comfort with a rubber core grip.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design enhances both visual appeal and gameplay precision.

🖌️ Artistry Meets Function:

  • Limited Edition with a custom gator printed headcover, adding an element of artistic elegance to your golf gear.
  • Make a powerful statement on the green – a symbol of your dedication to the sport and your nation.

🚀 Exclusive Release - Limited Stock!

  • Seize the opportunity to own the We The People Liberty Patriot Putter.
  • Limited stock available; act swiftly to elevate your golfing experience with this symbol of excellence.

Available Finishes:

  1. Torched Gold: A radiant finish for those who seek a touch of opulence on the green.
  2. Stainless Steel: The classic choice, offering enduring durability with a sleek and polished look.
  3. Midnight Black: For a bold statement, this dark and mysterious finish exudes confidence on every stroke.

Elevate your golf game with a touch of patriotism. Act now and secure your We The People Liberty Patriot Custom Golf Putter – where precision meets national pride.

Color: Black