AirFlow Hoodie, SPF 50

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Size: S
Color: Black
Sleek, Light, Iconic

Navigate the fairways or the city streets in style with Bite Hard Golf's Ultra Light Hoodie. Engineered for those who seek unmatched comfort without compromising on visibility, this hoodie effortlessly bridges the gap between sportswear and casual fashion.

Defining Features:

1. Featherlight Comfort: Crafted from 100% polyester, this hoodie promises unparalleled lightness, allowing you to swing, move, or simply chill with ease.

2. Bold Branding: Positioned dominantly on the front, our Bite Hard Golf logo ensures you make a statement wherever you go. The design not only resonates with brand pride but also adds a contemporary flair to the hoodie.

3. Designed for Performance and Leisure: Whether you're playing 18 holes or exploring the urban landscape, the Ultra Light Hoodie's stretchable fabric allows free movement, ensuring you're ready for whatever the day holds.

4. Innovative Fabric Technology: Experience a hoodie that breathes with you. Its meticulously crafted breathable fabric ensures you remain cool, while the moisture-wicking properties keep discomfort at bay, ensuring you stay dry and fresh.

5. Versatile Color Options: Catering to diverse tastes, the Ultra Light Hoodie is available in a palette of five distinct colors, allowing you to pick the shade that mirrors your style.

Care Instructions:

To keep your Ultra Light Hoodie in peak condition:
- Always turn the hoodie inside out before washing and drying.
- Machine wash using cold water and with similar colors.
- Tumble dry on a low setting or let it air dry to protect the fabric and print integrity.

Step into the world of comfort and standout aesthetics with the Bite Hard Golf Ultra Light Hoodie – a testament to modern design and unparalleled functionality.
Size: S
Color: Black